Saturday, February 18, 2012

Home Office Reveal!!

Superman has been working out of town a bit lately. 
That means that after kids are in bed I don't have my sweetheart to talk with and cuddle with so I have a hard time heading to the refrigerator to get sleep. (our room is quite chilly due to the slightly opened window-Superman likes to sleep in a cold room and since he bought me an electric blanket for Christmas, 
I don't mind it so much anymore :) 
Since I'm not sleeping as much, that means I'm getting a lot done! Yay!

I've told you about my office saga for months now. To bring you up to speed: We moved into our home in November of 2010 and knew right away about some home repairs that we would need to do. One of them was the leak from the roof into the wall of our office. I put on my construction worker hat (no, I don't really have an actual hat, although....sounds like fun!) and went to work tearing out walls. After a costly fix to the roof, tearing all the river rock off the front of the house, replacing the rotten walls, sheet-rocking, mudding, refinishing the floor, painting and complaining a little bit the office is finally almost done! I had a vision of what I wanted and until now I don't think some people understood what I was going for. Some people still don't get it, but that's okay, some people don't have to get me and my quirky style :) Those who know me know I love rustic, and old, and repurposed. I think that maybe it's because I'm a little rustic, and old, and repurposed. 

FInally after months and months I'm ready to share some photos of the progress, and within a few days I'll have it all done...until I change something :)

Torn up walls due to water damage...
 Bare floor after having to tear up all the carpet and pad
 Had a canvas that needed to get off the floor, so I hung it so I'd feel like the room had something going on in there...
don't think it was working ;)

After framing some pictures in it, I will ba hanging one of my super old window frames over the desk in that big huge space!

Okay, so when I said the room was done, 
I lied, there are some finishing touches I still need to add, 
gimme a few days and it'll be done :) 

What do you think about the valance? I will be doing a separate post about it later, but I think it needs some brown fringe on the bottom, and I just happen to have some sittin' around!

I've got plans for the office chair now that the desk is finished, 
just waiting on the ups man to bring me some 
liquid love (aka ASCP) 
ALSO, one other disclaimer...that white wasn't finished when I took this pic, needed some dark wax before it would be fabulous...
As you can see HERE it is done now...
Here's the first shot of my reclaimed wood wall. 
The wood planks were on the walls in my barn. 
It's been patiently waiting to be installed. 
We are both very happy that it is now hugging my walls. 
I may, or may not post separately about that process also...
do you wanna hear about that???
 LoVe, LOVE, LoVE, LOvE, LoVE my old wood walls.
One of those things you either get about me, or you just don't.
I'm okay with that, 'cuz I get it, and I love it! :)

 Don't you just love taking pictures of windows?? Geesh
 See my bookshelf below?
 See how messy it is? 
See how it's not painted yet? 
See how there is messy cords on the floor? 
OK, I just wanted to point it all out. 
Glad we are seeing the same thing. 
All in a few days time...

You'll be surprized to see what color I'm painting it. 
I think you will like it. I know I will like it. 
What color do you guess? 
Now that I think about it, shouldn't be that hard to guess, 
lets see if you can get it.
Yes, I made the bookshelf myself. 
Yes, it's made out of an old door, and yes that door is still really dirty. 
All in a few days time...
It will be cute, I promise :)

The ceiling has been done for a while now, but here it is. It's a multi layer copper done with a patina. The patina doesn't show well in the pictures and all you can see is the lightest part of the patina, but you'll have to trust me on this one, it looks better in person. Just one of those hard-to-photograph things!

And yes, I will be refinishing the fan also. 
Or get a new one. I could actually buy a new one.
Did I just say that?
Sleep deprivation.

So there is a look into what I have been up to while Superman is away working in the coal mines in Pennsylvania
I miss him
 a lot, 
so you can bet I'll be working 
a lot 
in the next few days.

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