Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Do you like my UGLY chairs??

I recently found some really UGLY chairs. I was super excited that they were so ugly because I knew they would be some of my favorite pieces of furniture when I was done with them. 
I saw their future. Really, I did. 
What do you see when you look at these chairs?

If you are normal, you probably see grandma's house. 
Or maybe you see a cabin? I bet you see ugly.
I'm not normal, we have established this. 
I saw amazing, comfortable, happiness. 
And yes, I saw great before and after pictures. 
Was I right??

Sorry about the pictures, 
it's hard to get a good shot in fromt of a window! 

A couple of coats of Annie Sloan Old White, 
followed by a smaddering of Country grey.
(would someone tell my spell check that "smaddering" is a real word!)
Finally finished off with a dark and clear wax duo.
Love how easy ASCP is. I would not have tackled this project if I had to sand all these nooks and crannies! Priming and painting would have been more than I would have wanted also.
Once again, I'm sold on Annie Sloan Chalk Paint :)

They are definitely the most comfortable chairs we own.
Just ask Orik...

He said he agrees...They are verrrrry comfortable.

So there you go. Do you like my UGLY chairs?
Do you like my cute cat?
Do you like roll top desks? 
My next post will be all about my roll top desk
and it's makeover.
Stay tuned :)


  1. Amazing!! Can I borrow some chalk paint?? I promise I will give it back. I lie.

    Your cat is adorable. He knows you picked those chairs out just for him! :-)

    1. Ha ha ha Meg, I know how THAT kind of borrowing works!! As soon as my studio is done you can come paint with me!!
      Yes my cat is adorable, just ask him. :)

  2. Too neat!!!! Such a good job! They are perfect for your room and are they NOT the most comfortable chairs ever?!!! I just re-did another one and a couple bought it for their nursery. Said they love it and it is the most comfortable chair to nurse and rock their baby! Thank you for sharing! Share it at my Meet Me Monday linky party! My readers would love to meet you. : ) Love, Me