Monday, February 20, 2012


I thought I would get to bed early tonight. 
Then I opened my computer. 
I had this post I want to write, but I need pictures to go with it, so then I sit and go through all these amazing photos on our hard drive and find all the pictures I wanted, 
along with many more I had forgotten about. 
As I scroll through them I feel blessed beyond belief. 
While I knew what tonight's blog was going to be about, 
I realized that I have a few more I would like to write, 
but I'll save those for another time. 
For now. I want to introduce you to someone...

If you have read many of my posts here, you have noticed that I mention Superman a bit. I am not married to THAT superman, not the Clark Kent one, but better.

In June of 2009 I met my Superman.
In so many ways he came to my rescue and 
still does regularly.
I just wanted to share with you a little about him,
because I like to share things that are important.
He is important to me.
I think the easiest way to share how I feel about him 
would be to just make a list why 
I love him and call him Superman.
I'll try to keep it brief.

He is patient with me, even when I am impossible.
He makes me laugh, even when I am crying.
He tells me I'm beautiful, even when I'm a mess.
He fills me with peace, even when everything is falling apart.
He listens to me, even when he doesn't want to hear it.
He smiles at me, even when he should be mad at me.
He encourages me, even when I want to give up.
He is my sunshine, my best friend, and my

My superman can Fly too!

He brings out the best in me..or the worst...I'm not quite sure ;)

I love you Baby

 And I'm so glad I will have you as my Superman for eternity.

Thanks for being my super hero!

I know that this post had nothing to do with painting,
and I didn't show off any new projects.
I definitely didn't take you behind the scenes on this one...
But it WAS about home improvements,
because Superman improves our home when he is here :)
Was that cheesy enough for you??
My kids would be throwing up a little bit right now.
Hope you are all ok.

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