Friday, February 17, 2012

Romance and Chalk Paint

Do you remember my AMAZING friend Mandy?

How could you forget...right? :) Well she is getting married to an AMAZING guy...

Aren't they cute!!??

So why am I telling you about my amazing cute friends?
Maybe because it makes me somewhat amazing and possibly a little cute because I know them??
Maybe not.

Really it's because Mandy and I have been having fun planning her wedding and the decorations. 
We had this great idea and tried it our today.

See these?
Well, we have this vision. The wedding is going to be vintage and classy, just like Mandy and Aaron. 
(the classy part, not the vintage part)

Did you notice my can of Old white behind them, along with a little kitchen clutter? And did you notice that I started working on the glass vase on the far right BEFORE I took the Before picture?

So After a couple quick coats of chalk paint, and then a quick clear wax and a dab of dark wax, we ended up with this...

Whaddya think?? 
If you saw these on a wedding table would you think that they came from a thrift store and that they only cost around $8.00 total? 
We are pretty excited to paint a bunch more things, it's going to be Fabulous!

Finally, I need to introduce you to the "other" man in Mandy's life.
He's the strong silent type.

His name is Apolo Belvedere. 
He is going to get a little makeover soon.
Then maybe he can find a solid woman.

(this is where you laugh a little 
and appreciate my PUNNY sense of humor :)

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