Monday, January 28, 2013

My Painted Piano

A couple of weeks ago my piano looked like this..

There is a story behind this piano.
I have some daughters that have taught themselves to play. As they were growing up my sunday mornings were filled with the sound of my oldest daughter playing out of our Hymn Book. I often would sit in the corner of the room, close my eyes, and just listen.
They learned to play the piano on a much different piano.
It was very old, and very cool. It was the piano of their grandma on their dad's side of the family.
Well, when divorce hit our family, the piano left along with a number of other things, both physical, and emotional. I'm sure that those who have experienced it know what I'm talking about.
We missed having the piano very much.
I missed hearing it's sweet sounds and the peace that came from it.
I mentioned this to a few friends.
One random day, a dear friend showed up at my door, and told me that he had a piano to deliver to our house. Apparently, someone in my neighborhood had heard of my situation, and had arranged for him to pick up and deliver this piano to us.
I cried.
We lost many things, but have gained so much.
So there is my little story of my little piano.
It isn't fancy.
It has moved a few times with us now, and has joined our new family.
Above it hangs our new family picture, and together we will make new memories.

SOoooo... enough of the mushy stuff.

Do you want to see what my piano looks like now?
I thought so.

I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I could have done it in a day, but because I have a life and kids, it took 2 days. For those who may not know about chalk paint. It's so great!
No sanding.
No Priming.
Just Paint.
Typically, you seal with wax.
For this one, I'm experimenting.
I love how smooth chalk paint gets when you buff it out really well.
I sanded over it lightly to distress it on the edges, and then lightly all over.
Then I buffed, or polished it with a soft rag.
I did that until it felt slick.
I LOVE how it feels!
I'm just gonna leave it and see how it goes. I don't have little kids anymore, and my teenagers know if they are in that room with food, or with icky hands they will likely loose something important to them. They don't like that, so I'm not worried about greasy handprints etc.

I painted some planters in my front yard last summer with Annie Sloan.
Just like Annie suggests, I left them alone without any sealer.
They have held up amazingly. Heat, sun, wind, rain, snow 
and daily watering of the plants in the box. 
I figure if my planters can hold up to all of that, my piano might have a chance in a home of teenagers and their friends. 

I'm almost done with a major makeover in the room my piano is in, can't wait to show you!
Just picked up some chains yesterday to use with the last little details.
Hows that for a hint.

So what do you think about my piano now?
Do you have an old piano in your home?
Wanna paint it now?
I know I can't wait to get my hands on another one!
SO many ideas!

I'd love to see pictures of your painted pianos...
please share!

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