Wednesday, October 5, 2011


If there is one thing in life to be expecting, it's the unexpected. I've decided that if I just expect that my life is going to go in unexpected directions at any given moment, I may avoid the pain of the resulting whiplash as I switch my focus from one thing from the other!

I've been working on getting an post for today on and off today. I just finished a great blog entry and after remembering that all of the great pictures of the projects and updates I had blogged about were on my phone that I recently took swimming in a lake with me, I decided to delete the blog and let go of the past...just move on April...just move on. So if you are wondering about the progress on the house, there has been progress, it was great, it would have made for some great blogging moments, trust me. Let's move on together to projects I actually have pictures of! *Sigh*

House Before...                                                House After! New paver patio to boot!

Since the front of the house was changing, I had to give the front doors a makeover also :)

Now for a look at my office for a few days...An Airstream Trailer update!

 This is what the kitchen looked like before, with a nice wood patch in front of the stove and all...
 And the bathroom. Hard to see here but the molded plastic had stains all over. It really showed it's age
 Drum roll please...Tadaaa! Here is the kitchen after, he wanted it to look like old Formica, ha ha ha...

 Cant even tell where the piece of wood was patching the big hole...

And the bathroom, complete with a marbled bathtub :)

 One of the most unexpected events in my life was my newly acquired large purchase of the contents of two buildings owned by an amazing elderly woman that lives nearby. I have sooo many super fun projects to tackle now I can hardly wrap my mind around it! I am totally expecting that you will be hearing much more from me because it is all to much fun to keep to myself! Now to get to work and figure out the best way to sell my "one-of-a-kind-finds!"
I recently took a great class with Mindy Harrell at Faux Assured Studio on the ever so popular Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I have to say that I'm impressed so far and the ideas are coming to me like kids to an ice cream truck! Crack open the can of Annie Sloan Chalk paint and let me at'em! I'm so excited to transform these pieces! Updates to come...

So there you have it, it was a meager post, but I gave ya some pictures to look at and I feel better now that I have reconnected with my neglected blog again. I'm going to continue to expect the unexpected and I expect that things will turn out much like I expect...which would be

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