Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Old Iron fence, Rusty Tricycle, Chalk Paint and Me! Good times!

I've been waiting to show you something. 
My friend/client just made over her daughter's room.
I got to help a little.
But I couldn't show you until her daughter saw it first!
I don't have pictures of the whole room finished, 
just the two things I helped with.
I love them both. Really, I almost got giddy doing them.
Have you ever seen a puppy play with a ball, bouncing one way and then the other...
That was me.
Except, I don't have a tail or a wet nose.


 Honestly, I loved the fence before I painted it. Old and rusty and just so very cool! I have 2 sections of this fencing propped up in my flower/weed garden, and then I just put a small section near my front door with some ivy climbing it. Love love L.O.V.E this fencing! The rust and chipping paint wasn't gonna work for this room. It's totally vintage, but I just couldn't let rusty paint chips fall off on to the bed below. SO my task was to make this old fence look old, but be clean and nice for her headboard. 
Here is what I started with...

 The picture above makes my heart race a little....
I'm weird, I know it, I've accepted it, you might want to also :)

I started with a good power wash to get anything off that wanted to come off. Followed that with a coat of Annie Sloan Country grey mixed with a little old white to lighten it a bit. After that I hit it with a smattering of straight Old White to help make the details pop a little. When that was dry..which was almost instantly, I lightly sanded the whole thing with a fine sanding pad just to burnish it a little and give it a smooth feel. Dust it off and voila! 

I have a few more of these fence sections around if anyone local is interested ;)

Now for the second project!!!
My friend used to ride this trike when she was a little girl.
Isn't it sooo amazing?!

Well her daughter thought it was amazing also and wanted it fixed up a little,
you know... cute-ify it a little?

That is where I came in.
Me and Annie Sloan.
Seriously, Chalk paint is so great!
What other paint can you just paint right over something like this without having to use a primer and even then I would have to use paint meant for metal..blah blah blah.

Crack me open some chalk paint and lemme at it!!
One more look at the before.
Before you die a little, I didn't paint the whole thing, just couldn't bring myself to do it.

And after...

 Sorry for the not-so-professional pictures. Sometimes it just is what it is. 
And today, this is what it is...

Alright-y then, I'm glad I could finally show ya..I mean it's been like 5 days! 
I thought I might die, but I made it through. 

On another note.
My studio.
It's done, and I actually am using it!
I'm preparing a class schedule and sooooooon 
Y'all can come paint with me!!

I'm so excited!
Hope you are too ;)

I'm so excited to be joining
"Meet Me Monday"

at one of my favorite blogs!

If you stopped by from the party, so glad you came!
Hope you want to stay :)


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  2. hi April, I have been asked to paint some rusty old beds by someone and was wondering how the ASCP has held up on your rusty old fence? did you wax it also? i think she'll want it in white and not sure if the rust will eventually bleed though the paint
    any help is much appreciated
    cheers Fiona

  3. I know it's almost a year, but I wish we could see the whole view of your client's daughter, April. Anyway, I think you should rust off the railings before you apply some paint. It's not enough that you power-washed it, then coated it because the remaining rust could still destroy the iron railings.

  4. No, I really think you have a point. I love the old rusty iron fencing in Chicago, IL. I think it bring such great history to a place. I love old things, but the rust can become a safety hazard. Great job!

  5. I love how you repurposed the iron fence to be a headboard! The only thing I would worry about, which some commenters above also mentioned, would be the return of the rust even though you powerwashed it and painted over it. I do love the look of the fence though, the vintage feel is very in right now.

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