Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Craft room re-moved!

A while ago I showed you what I did in my scrapbook/craft room in this post. Wellll turns out we need the extra bedroom for a friend who needs somewhere to live. That means I needed to get creative with other spaces in my home to move my scrapbook area to. Right outside the extra bedroom is this rather large hallway, but more of a nook area...

The cabinet was storing linnens for the downstairs bedrooms, but after cleaning out my upstairs linnen closet, there was tons of room up there for that stuff. Poor kids are going to have to walk allll the way up stairs to get clean sheets. I think they will be ok. 
Thanks for the concern.

So I knew that I had almost no money to spend on this little project. I did have a little birthday money left, all tucked away for just this type of decorating emergency. After a trip to the ReStore, I was soo happy with the $42 I spent on all of this:

It took me a while at the store to make a plan, but once I figured it out...

See these pretty ugly particle board bookshelves?

Well with a couple of my favorite friends:

Old barnwood from my barn

Trusty Chopsaw

And good ol' air compressor

I measured, and cut, and nailed, and cut some more, 
and broke a nail!


After I got over my nail breakage, I stood back and this is what I had made...

I cut the two bookshelves in half, and put them one in front of the other to give it more depth. I then nailed the barnwood to the sides which served to hold the two bookshelves together nicely. Finally I trimmed out the front with some narrower barnwood I had. The wood counter-top was $4.00. Yes, that is four dollars! When my money tree has finished blooming I will do one of my counter top finishes on it and it will be spectacular!! You have to look into the future a little with me sometimes, cuz it all cain't happen at once ya know!

I moved one of my shelving units out of the scrapbook room and hung it, but then I've been a sicky-poo and don't have the strength to hang the other one yet. You'll have to wait a bit to see pictures of that. More to come on this project for sure! Just gotta get feeling better so I can do the fun stuff and not this computer sitting around stuff! 

So I know it's still a little rough, but what do ya think so far??

Too rustic for you? 

Just wait and see what's next!

 Can't wait to show y'all!


  1. That's amazing - what great vision!

    1. Thanks Peggy! Looking forward to finishing up the space this week! More to come :)

  2. Hi April,
    You do some serious woodworking!!! Wish I was that handy! Found you through the All Star Blogger Block Party and am, at the moment your newest follower. Look forward to visiting with you again.