Tuesday, August 7, 2012

There's a problem with my truck!

Some of you know that Superman goes out of town from time to time for work. Right now is one of those times. I hope you don't mind, but I'm using this post to tell him something. You are welcome to read along and tell me what you would do in my situation...

Dear Superman,

So you know that pile of stuff we wanted to donate to DI? (the local thrift store) Well great news! I loaded it all up and took it away! It's so nice to be getting rid of some things, isn't it! While I was out and about, I was right close to the Habitat for Humanity Restore, and you know, I just had to stop in. Also while I was out I got a phone call saying that our friend that needed a place to live is coming to live with us. That means I have some rearranging to do. WELL taking all of that into consideration, I have something to tell you. There is a problem with my truck. I left the house with a full truck bed, and then emptied it. When I came home it looked like this...

I mean, I don't get it!? I think that there is something wrong with it. Should I take it in to get looked at? Of course it doesn't look like that anymore, so maybe the problem is fixed. Maybe I should retrace my steps and see if it happens again?

Anyway, I love you! I love how you understand me like no one else does. I love how you can take any situation and make it better with your great attitude! I love how you love me no matter what! 

Love me.

P.S. Hurry home, I've got some heavy lifting I might need help with ;)


  1. Haha! Awesome! I would be happy to look at the truck for you. Wanna drop it off this weekend??


  2. April that was humorous gotta share that on Facebook!lol