Monday, October 1, 2012

Blogging is like Jogging...

Blogging is a little like exercise for me. I really love to go for an early morning run, or a really long afternoon walk, but if I haven't been for a while, it's REALLY hard to get started again! 

Truth is that I've been just crazy busy in every aspect of my life lately. My last post was about moving my craft room because we had a friend moving in with us. Well, he got moved in and we were just settling in with a great routine and then it happened. He got very sick. We hoped some OTC meds would help, they didn't. I ended up taking him to the ER and that began what has now been over a month of hospital stays, Dr appointments, coming home from the hospital, but not being well, going back to the ER, more tests, learning how to administer an IV here at home, and yet another stay at the hospital again. It's been a crazy month, and to think I didn't even know David a couple of months ago. Have you ever met someone that changed your life? David has been one of those people. When Superman and I heard he needed a home to live in, and a family to be a part of we both knew, we KNEW he needed to be a part of our family. David is special. In this past month of serving him in the most humblest of ways I have been blessed, and I have been changed. I thank my Heavenly father for trusting me to be His hands and being here for my new brother. 

While David is enduring yet another stay in the hospital I watch as he touches the lives of those who are helping him there. Just being around him, with his kind and gentle heart makes a person a little better. I pray he will recover quickly and that the doctors can see the big picture and find out what the problems are all about very soon! We love you David! Come home soon! 

While I've been trying to help my friend, I've also been busier than ever with work and other projects. I've wanted to blog about them, but simply haven't had much time for anything other than what is required of me. I had planned on posting a bunch of pictures of the projects I've been working on, but for some reason I'm having trouble pulling them off my phone and don't have the time to try and figure it out right now. Story of my life!

Add to the following pictures 3 antique chairs stripped and refinished, Mantle decor changed at retirement home, and multiple interior design projects finished!

Here are a few of the fun projects I've been playing with in my spare time this past month or two...

I have been lucky enough to be able to decorate the offices and am now working on the teacher's lounge at a new Jr high in my area. It's been fun to create some unique art for their school!

These signs were made for the main office.

We wanted a little of a vintage feel, so a cracked finish was one way I brought that in.

This next project was soooo fun! One of those things that I had in my head, but when I tried to explain it I got some interesting looks. SO glad they trusted me to just do what I wanted without too much explanation! I've got some really fun ideas I want to make after having done this one. They will be a little smaller scale, and something for a home setting rather than a school, but I think they will be super fun! 
I used 2 stencils from Melanie Royals at for the patterns. If you are ever looking for a great stencil, hers are amazing and I LOVE the patterns she has available. So many possibilities, wish I could buy them all!!

Measuring 8ft X 6.5ft It was a bit of a beast to transport, deliver and install this one. Good thing Superman loves me so much and has some great friends who are willing to help out! 

And to finish off the month I helped with my nieces wedding decor as well as her cake, which is probably the most simple cake I have done to date, but fit her perfectly!

Here is a close up of the cake topper WHICH I DID NOT MAKE!!
The gal that made it is a friend of the bride and she is crazy talented! 
I think that she may have an etsy store, I will try to find out her name and store so you can stalk her, cuz she really needs props!

Alright, I gotta run for an appointment, visit David at the Hospital, and get busy on a table refinish as well as 2 curio cabinets I'm working on.
I wonder what's for dinner, it's only 8 hours away, better start thinkin' on that!

Hope you have all been well and thanks for being patient with my lack of posts lately! 

Next month will be...interesting...I'll have to fill you in on that one soon...verry soon!

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  1. And I thought my life was crazy. Hope David is well very soon!

    Love all the signs. I'm a sucker for signs.