Friday, June 29, 2012

"Bedroom Makeovers" Part One

I'm not sure how to start this post. I've had a lot on my mind, and a lot on my plate. I'd love to share what's on my mind, but it will wait. My studio is done, and waiting for me. Classes are in the works and projects are lined up; and yet, there it sits. About a month ago I had a moment. In that moment I decided that I had some projects in my home that I needed to get off "my list" before I can go gung-ho with the studio and my super exciting business plans. (yes, I said gung-ho, and I meant it) 

Wanna see some of my at-home projects?? 
I thought you might like to see...


While my girls where at their dad's for a summer stay I decided to makeover their rooms. My youngest two girls' rooms were painted "cute" already when we moved into this house a year and a half ago. I know that they were loved by the girls who lived in this house before, and that they were painted with love, so anyone who helped with the decor of these rooms for the previous family, please know I'm not unappreciative of what was done, and the circumstances under which it was done... ANYWAY!!!

This is the BEFORE of Riley's room....
(You may want sunglasses)

I had an almost non-existant budget, but lucky for me my sweet sister in law had some things she was getting rid of. And I made a trip to the thrift store for an idea I had for a head board. I had 2 major goals in this room:

1. To give my almost 12 yr old a more grown up room

2. To give her a "home" for all of her crafts, collections and "treasures"
 so that she can keep her room cleaner easier.

Here are my two main projects to be put in the room:
 Nice?? Can you see the potential?? 
I know, it's hard, but if you tilt your head a little, and then squint yer eyes, you can see it.

This could be a really long post, so I'll cut it short and get right to it. I added some trim to the top of both units, and then painted them both black with a paint/primer in one that worked great on the wood bookshelf, but not so great on the slick overlay on the other, wish I had been using chalk paint. I added wrapping paper to the back of the tall bookshelf and a cheap-o plastic table liner to the back of the entertainment center(along with a new back since it was missing most of it).

After a little of this and a little of that, her is the room AFTER:

On this wall I wanted her to see pictures of all the people that love her so much, and pictures of her as a baby and young girl so she can see how adorable she was. 
I don't think you can look at cute baby pictures of yourself and not feel special!
I already had all of these frames as well as the mirror which I painted.
 Here is the book shelf complete with a cute way to display and store her cute little collections, including a jar of crayon shavings I found when cleaning out her room. Just couldn't bring myself to throw it away! My lovely friend Mandy helped me with getting the room put back together and she did a great job staging the bookshelf! 

Did you see THIS dresser in the before pictures?:

I have a little secret about how I did the makeover on this dresser, I'm gonna save it for another post... I know, sorry.

 I picked up the light at a garage sale for $5. 
I used a lamp kit and rewired it so it could be a lamp.
I really like it.

Some of the frames are empty for now because I am waiting on some pictures, and I want her to help pick out some of the bigger Pictures.

 The posters and pictures she had plastered all over the walls I kept and put on her door. I know, some would be bothered by the clutter, but it's her room, and they are special to her.

Her closet wasn't very functional before, with almost no space to hang her clothes, I added two bars on the one side, and rearranged the existing shelving to make better space.


 She has a few boxes and a laundry basket full of "stuff" she gets to sort though and find a home for, so it's a little cluttered for now, but you can see the difference, I hope!

She's a girl, she's creative, and yes, she has a lot of stuff, but at least it all has a home now :)

SO there you have it, room one of two makeovers in the last two weeks. I'll post soon with the second room. I'm a bit in love with one thing I did, can't wait to show you!

DO you like the new room??
I feel that I accomplished my goals!
She had no idea I was doing this, when she came home she was a little upset because she could see remnants of me cleaning out her room by the trash can outside, as well as some boxes as she came into the house. After she walked in her room her mood changed drastically and I'm pretty sure she cried a little :) 

One of the best things about this room is that I only bought 3 things: 
1. The entertainment center I used for her headboard ($25)
2. The black paint/primer ($35 gallon which will get used)
3. The purple blanket/bedspread ($15 at Big Lots)

I already had everything else!

Would you like a room like this??
I pretty much love it :)