Friday, June 1, 2012

My ALMOST back yard

It's been a long week. 
First week having the kids home from school for the summer and I'm loving that! 
No waking up at 6:30 and no homework to worry about at night, it's great! 

The other thing I have enjoyed is being able to get up before my kids, (not hard..they are teenagers :) and take a few min each morning to read, and think, and pray. 
I went running a few times and started work early the other days.  Mornings are nice :)

My task for the week has been one that has been hanging over my head for almost 10 months now. Many of you are familiar with the renovation of "The Barn" in my back yard. Last fall I began tearing apart the old building and ever since then there have been huge piles of wood and other debris smothering my poor grass! Well I am proud to say that I actually was able to MOW THE LAWN this week! I have a few injuries, but nothing life threatening, I think I'll survive. With out further explanation, here's a little pictorial on how to make a big mess, and then clean it up again!!

At Christmas time, the boys had fun using the yard as an obstacle corse for their new rock crawlers. Note to self, if your yard qualifies as an obstacle corse, it's probably not the cleanest yard on the block :(

This is actually with a bit of progress, a LOT of wood had been sorted and moved ...

It was exciting to see the ground again. Sad, but true...

What to do with this pile of old Mill Doors was the big question of the week...

Drum roll please........
One last door to be placed lovingly where it needs to go and the grass is clear!!!

We cleverly built a rack system and stored the most amazing wood pieces under my stairs to the studio. 
Pretty clever if I do say so my self...and I do say so.

One last shot from my studio stairs!
Now to nurse my grass back to health...poor poor grass. Darndest thing how weeds grow just fine without being watered, yet the grass doesn't. Maybe someone should've decided long ago that weeds were acceptable and possibly even preferred over grass for their sustainability?! Sure would have saved me some work!

SO there you have it.
I have a back yard again.

Good thing seeing as I have a bridal shower for my daughter's friend here in a few weeks. 

I wonder if I can get my grass to grow by then...
Maybe I should just paint it...
After all, I have been told I can do amazing things with paint...


  1. You know, there is actually such a thing as grass paint. I've seen it! LOL

    I'd love to take some of that awesome wood off your hands! :-)


  2. Thanks for being my 200th! I was already a follower of Nutmeg - thought I would follow you here too.

    Looks like that was a LOT of work!!!!