Friday, May 11, 2012

Cake Anyone?

There are days that I feel like I'm going to burst if I don't let some creative juices flow in some way. 
Do you know that feeling? 
It's been a bit of a tidal wave the last few days and it's so much fun! It's funny how I can go without sleep and be totally fine and happy as long as it was something I'm enjoying that kept me awake. All is right in the world today despite the chaos that surrounds me!

So what have I been doing? 
Welllll, it's crunch time for Mandy's wedding that I've mentioned HERE and HERE. I've been building her cake in my mind for weeks now and finally got to put all the ideas together. Here is the picture Mandy sent me for what she would like, 
just with a different color bow.

I'd like to give credit to whoever made it, but she found it on the internet somewhere and I have no idea who did it. If it looks familiar to someone out there, PLEASE speak up and take a bow!

Sorry, I don't have a tutorial for this, 
and no progression photo's either. 
It was just one of those creative whirlwinds that doesn't stop for photo opps! These are obviously just taken in my kitchen, with my best photographic skilzzz! Nuttin' but da best! :D

So whaddya think?
I think I got it pretty close.
I already showed it to Mandy through a text,
she approves :)

I'm off now to find me something to wear to the wedding tomorrow that doesn't make me look like an Aprilpottomus.


  1. Stunning! Let the pnning begin! Congrats to Mandy & Co.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous cake! I'm loving the ruffles and the muted edges.