Thursday, February 16, 2012

Roll top desk

When we moved into our new home a little over a year ago I had this office. It was in scary shape for a while, but I will soon reveal it's new identity. After the walls were patched and the floor was finished my in-laws gave us this amazing roll top desk that has been in their home for who knows how many years! I love the desk, but it needed a little something to make it a little more amazing in my new office. As I sometimes do..I forgot to take a "before" picture "before" I started the refinish...but you get the idea...lets just call it a "before it was finished" picture :)

 I was so anxious to et started I didn't even clear off the top yet, I know...silly me. In these pictures I had just started on the roll top part. Obviously the yellowy oak os the before part of the picture :)

Love the detail on the drawer pulls.

The product I used is a product I've used for many things for years. It's not your typical DYI product (sorry) but one I have used in my professional life. I do believe the general public can order it, but I would recommend learning about how it is used and what can and can't be done with it before trying it.
I have paid thousands of dollars over the years taking the training on many products and it has been well worth it. 
The professional products available are amazing, but only when you know what you are doing.

Okayyyyyyy, off my soap box.
I used Vandyke Brown Stain and Seal from Faux Effects. 
LOVE LOVE this product!
I finished it off with some 
Minwax Wipe-On Poly-Great product also :)

Here is my finished desk!
Do you like the new color?
I likey likey a lot! 

I decided to keep the drawers the way they were. I know what you are thinking, it's because I was too lazy to do all of that detail work. You may be right, but you may also be wrong. It may have been because I really like the contrast and didn't want the whole thing to be dark. I think it was the best decision, and it just works out that it did save me some work :)

Tomorrow I will be revealing my new office although you can pretty much see it here.
Promise I will use different pictures.
Promise there will be close ups of my yummy 
reclaimed wood wall..
and a few other treats.

Come back and see!
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  1. I love how it turned out! It looks really nice against the blue wall. Another amazing project!