Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Be my friend and I'll share my lunch

There are many things I really love about blogging. One of them is to see all of the friends and visitors who stop in and spend time to read about what I have going on. Some of you have signed up through Google connect to follow me, but rumor has it that will be fading out and going away and thanks to Meg and Nutmeg place I now have a fun way for you to follow me! 

See over on the sidebar the little box at the top? 
If you click on "follow me" and follow the directions you can easily keep up with all of the fun things I've got goin' on here! 
I'm a little embarrassed to see that little number over there that says how many (or how few) followers I have (or don't have). 
So if you don't follow? 
It's easy, and painless. 
Think of me as the little girl in 3rd grade 
sitting alone at the lunch table. 
Do you want to eat lunch with me, then we can play hopscotch at recess and be best friends! 

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