Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I died the other day....kinda...

I've been busy as a beaver. 
I mean, I've been burning the candle at both ends.
You know, as in...
 running around like a chicken with it's head cut off busy! 
Get the picture?! 

I have so many projects ALMOST ready for their big reveal...
like what I did with these UGLY chairs i got for $15 each...
 Can't wait to show you!

And then there is my office, which is the home of the chairs above, here is a few little tidbits on that....
Yes, it involves reclaimed wood, and a nail gun!!! 
Makes my heart race!!!

And these are part of the curtains I hung up...or did I??

I'm pretty sure I died the other day. My husband took me to this place. It was out in the middle of nowhere, ok it was somewhere, but nowhere I had been before. Imagine a stock yard with semi-covered storage areas on probably an acre of property. Scattered about were piles and stacks of old, rusty, unique STUFF!!
It took me 20 min just to get into the place 20 feet!
I'm tellin' ya it was sensory overload and my husband was laughing at me but I didn't care, I was in heaven, pickers heaven!!
It was mainly old military surplus along with other metal odds and ends. I'll show you what I found in the short, 
wayyyy too short time we had to wander.

Here's the whole group...

Don't you just love this old army helmet?! 
The guy told me that he usually sells them for $3, but since this one was ugly, he sold it to me for $1!! 
I mean really? Guess UGLY is in the eye of the beholder ;)

 Ok, so I actually picked this up at DI the other day, 
but it fits in so well with the rest.
Some sort of chemical wooden handle and cute little glass jar.
I talked them down from $25 to $5! 
Yeah, I know how to get what I want!

 Notice my cute little rusty tin? 
Don't have a clue what it was for, but I likey!
Now for my favorite find!
That tall canister looking thing,
it's a mortar cartridge shell!
Like this thing was used in a real live cannon!
How cool is that?
Really cool.
Like frozen grapes and bowls of ice cream cool.
It's soo cool it's frozen.
(this is where my kids think I'm a dork. 
They may or may not be right.)

 It's got the most amazing patina and rust on it, 
makes me want to cradle it in my arms and sing to it.
(Did I really just say that?) 
(Now is when you begin to wonder about me)

Just for fun I have it sitting on one of the amazing pieces I picked up last summer...
This old radio has a great future ahead of it, just you wait and see...

So there you have it. 
Just a few of my most favorite little-non-living things for today. 
Off to finish my roll top desk...oh, I haven't mentioned that...
it's pretty darn amazing I must say.
Till then...

Do you like rusty strange things like me?
Would you find a place in your home like me?
Are you strange like me?
Maybe I'm not strange at all,
Please tell my family :)


  1. You're perfectly normal... and I'm completely jealous. Again.