Thursday, January 19, 2012

One step at a time!

Ok, so really, I do love creating and doing things that will actually be fun to look at, and I'm tellin' ya I've got so much creative juice waiting to be used I think it might get messy! 
But for now...I've got a few things to tell you!

First, I'm going to have my super amazing 
wonderful and beautiful friend and partner in crime Mandy 
join me in my blogging adventure! 
YOU will LOVE her! (that is an order :) 
I'll be introducing her soon and she will start posting soon!

Next, I'm working on some changes with my Blog, and combining it with my website and making them all much more, be excited for me? 

And finally... 

I Have Stairs!!! 

I know, I know, I cried and squealed a little too!

Yesterday when I got home from my morning walk, I walked a little faster when I hit the end of my street. 
Well, since you asked, there was a big truck in front of my house! 
That either meant someone was delivering a really big and unexpected gift, or my stairs were going to be installed. 
I don't get really big, or unexpected gifts, so I knew right away!

After a few hours of this and that, I went to check on the progress, I'm pretty sure the guys thought I was a weirdo that I was so excited about it. And then I took, I am a weirdo. (that is an acceptable word, I promise)

 This is what it looked like before I went to DI (thrift store) and had an exceptionally great and horrible experience at the same time... that's another post all by itself!
Back to the stairs...

And when I came home, yes, I was a bit giddy....

I didn't want the guys to totally think I'm nuts, 
so I resisted walking on them at this point. 
I held my breath and after taking a picture and wiping a tiny tear 
I walked into the house and waited. 
I was going to wait till they left, really I was. 
But then Superman came home and convinced me to go 
walk up the stairs with him!! 
He really had to convince me...really.
Well, guess what?!
They work!
We walked ALL the way up them! And then...
we opened the door to the studio, 
I know, I know, amazing isn't it!

So now I've got some work to do, it's a messy mess up there.
I've got to clean up, and I've got sinks to install, and a toilet to install, (yep, gonna have a potty room and everything up there!!)
And THEN I get to start bringing in the tools, and paints, and plasters and and and, it's going to be sooo much fun!!

So after all of that, it is almost time for this blog to become what it was meant to be. I'm going to be creating in that space just about every day and I'll share it all with you!! Thanks so much to being patient and all through the construction. I look back through my posts and think how boing it must have been for you.
You will be rewarded, I promise.
And then, you can invite your friends.
And then, we can all play together in my studio!

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