Monday, January 16, 2012

A little story about a barn...

Once upon  a time...there was this really cool, but really old and unusable barn in my back yard. It looked like this:

When the king and queen of the land bought the house next to the barn, the queen could hardly contain her excitement for what 
could become of this barely inclosed building.

She would sometimes go out and sit in the barn. 
She would even cry sometimes because of what she knew could be there someday, 
but it seemed so impossible at times. 
She thought it would take years 
to see her dreams fulfilled. 

She was wrong. 

After months of hard work, dust, pain and too much money she now goes out to the barn and sometimes cries again, but not for the same reasons as she cries because she is so blessed and because of the amazing opportunities she has been given. She sometimes cries because after only a year of living in her new home, 
the barn now looks like this:

See those windows on top? 

Those are the windows that the queen and all her amazing creative friends will look out while they learn and paint, and play together in the new studio! 

Do you see on the side of the barn, the dark things leaning on the side of the barn? 

Those are the stairs that are waiting to be installed on the back of the barn so that the queen can start moving into the top floor of the barn. 

The stairs have been sitting there for 2 weeks...2 very long and painful weeks for the queen. 
She is on the verge of screaming 

"Off With Their Heads!!" 

at any given moment. 
But she has more control then that. 
So instead she cries a little at night and waits at her window every day, all day for the installers. 
She hardly moves, only to eat...and well a couple of other things. It's a sad, sad story.

*This is the part of the story for that sound effect of the record scratching and everything comes to a screaching hault and everything changes to reality in the story* 

Okayyyy so I am not a queen, and I'm not really sitting by the window every day, but most of the other details are spot on. 
And yes, I am married to a king ;)

Soon, verrrrry soon I will take you on a tour of the inside. And soon, verrrry soon I will be finishing the inside and begin creating and 
painting and playing and teaching!! 
I'm soooooo excited for all of those to get going!! 

And one more thing before I go...
I've been thinking... 
Wouldn't it be great if the studio was done, and I could start creating some amazing art and refinish all this amazing furniture, and start teaching some super fun classes and have somewhere to SELL all of my super great pieces in, like a storefront?! 
Wouldn't it be great?!

Would you take classes? 
Would you shop at my store? 
Would you be super excited with me?
Would you please call my installers to come and put my stairs in already??????

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