Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wanna Play?

I have always loved the game "I SPY"
We have book after book of I SPY pictures and I have spent many hours with a child on my lap seeking and finding treasures of all kinds. In the barn demolition I have had the opportunity to play I SPY in the flesh! I know that I have been bombarding you with pictures lately, but it's really the best way to take you along in this journey with me. So what do you say, wanna play I SPY?


Old rusty shutters

Weathered wood that will become amazing tables!

Worn and rusty metal pipes, brackets and jacks~destined to become legs to tables or a curtain rod, or one of many other things I've got in mind!

80-100 year old brackets that held up the
huge rolling doors that came off the
Granite Mill from the Salt Lake Temple construction

A close up of a Mill door bracket...drool..

Window frames from the Mill Doors..going to be the home of amazing pictures of artistic elements from the
Salt Lake L.D.S. Temple.
Any Takers? :)

Old wood, lots and lots of old wood!

3 really old yolks from a wagon, or horse or something like that.
LOVE the old wood and very worn metal.
Just think of all the work these were a part of!
Love love love.

A pile of junk that is actually junk.
There is a dead cat carcass in there as well :(

Old bricks. The top one says "SOAP"
There must've been some pretty tough folk livin'
here if this is what they used for soap!
Talk about exfoliating!
And last but not least... some really old welding goggles!
A neighbor remembers seeing the man who built the barn wear these while
riding his motorcycle around the neighborhood!

Wasn't that fun!? As you might assume, there is sooo much more, but that gives you a great sample. So thankful for the progress, thankful to have this building and thankful for the history behind it all! I am excited beyond words to have this amazing place to be able to create, and build, and showcase, and possibly even teach classes in! One day closer

Thanks for playing

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