Friday, October 7, 2011

Challk this one up as done!

I've been drooling over numerous blogs for some time now. With project after project that I have just been dying to try~I mean it~ as in shortness of breath and heart palpitations~ready to DIE! Everyone has been talking about chalk paint, Annie Sloan Chalk paint to be specific. Welllllllll I did it! I spent a day with my good friend, teacher, and mentor Mindy Harrell in her studio in Park City. We painted and waxed and foiled and played and when I left with my boxes full of chalk paint my brain was spinning with ideas! I think I have mentioned the 2 buildings full of furniture and other items I purchased recently? Well, I have sooo many pieces screeeaaaaaming for a chalk paint makeover that my cats are going a little crazy with the noise! (or maybe it's just that they are cats and they walk that line all of the time...)

I had to wait a couple of days because, after all, life doesn't stop just because there is a painting project waiting for me...or does it? Sooo, to introduce my first blog about chalk paint I show you this table...

What do you think? Do you see the potential? When I got it it was actually all unscrewed and seemed like a broken something or other. I had a hunch and put it all back together and this is what I got. Yes, it is a lamp table. Outdated? Would you put this in your home??

After scrubbing off the dirt and grime I looked over my cans of Annie Sloan and came up with a plan. Remember when I said I was just dying to try my hands at chalk paint, well those feelings came back as I cracked open the can! Squeeeee! :)

Can you see the crackle? I lost a bit of the color with this picture, but I was trying to get the detail of the crackle :)

The actual lamp post was super easy: just dry brushed it with Country grey and Duck Egg leaving the original black showing through! Easy peasy!

I reversed the colors on the bottom stand with the Country Grey on top of the Duck egg and obviously cracked.

After breaking my first choice of light shade/globe (what would you call that?) I settled on this one, which I really LOVE! Just a little BLING to add to the table, it just makes me happy!

I also tried this one. While I do really like it in a really simple way, I like the other one better. What do you think?
 Bling or simple?

One of my favorite things about the Bling globe is the shadows and lines it throws on the wall...
Purrrdy :)

I have to say that all of the hype about ASCP is not just hype. I really loved using it because of a few reasons. First is not having to prime. The steps I usually take with furniture is to sand, prime, sand lightly and sometimes prime a second coat. Then I paint, sand and paint again. Followed by a glaze of some sort and finished with a varnish/sealer. With this product I can get right to painting and while I didn't find that one coat was quite enough for the look I was going for on this, I can definitely see how one coat works with some things. After a quick wax with the ASloan wax I'm done! Voila! So happy so happy!

So tell me what you think? DO you like my table now? Do you remember what it looked like before? I'll remind you....

Would you put this in your home now???

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  1. Love it April. I also love the blingy globe. I'm jealous, I'm dying to try ASCP myself. Well done!