Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's me again...

I refuse to start this entry by taking note of how long it's been since I last posted. I also refuse to follow that with an apology and list of excuses. I will simply say,

 Hello! It's me again...

I'm not exactly sure what I will be writing about today. I'm feeling a bit frumpy and reflective. Not sure how those two feelings match up, but I guess we will see if they spark literary embers to a flame. Since I last posted much has happened that I really need to blog about. A quick run-down would look something like this:
  • Construction began on the front of my house to repair water damage
  • I was sealed to my husband for eternity
  • I became heavily involved with design and decor for a home in the Utah County Parade of Homes in which I was able to use a wide variety of my ideas and skills in a way I have not had the opportunity to do in that way before.
  • Waved to my oldest daughter as she drove away from my home with her car full of belongings
  • Created some custom art for a client
  • Became the assistant to my daughter Emma with her first commissioned mural
  • Rediscovered my passion for refinishing furniture
  • Gained some truly amazing friends
  • Fulfilled a dream to work for the show "Extreme Makeover-Home Edition"
  • Prayed about and prepared for an adventure in Wyoming with 400 youth
  • Learned to love 7 new family members on said adventure
  • Fell in love with my husband again
  • Sent a daughter away for a month
  • Worried about, prayed about, cried for, and laughed with the wonderful kids in my life
And that's just the short list :)

With the piles of laundry and list of projects waiting for me I feel like the best I can do today is to somehow sum up a few of my feelings in hopes that it will clear my head a little. In all that I have listed it is amazing to me the one common thread I can see in all that happens in my life. "It's all good." It really hits me how each problem we face, each accomplishment we achieve and each milestone we reach is all a part of a bigger plan. I am constantly impressed how one thing leads to another and each experience brings us more understanding and more insight. As I was given the opportunity to work on the Parade of Homes I felt very much that doors were opening through the friends that I met and the experiences I had. I have been blessed to see the Lord's hand guiding my decisions and bringing me experiences that will no doubt be a blessing in the future. Whether it is a trial or a happy experience, each one really is "all good" because it adds to our lives in one way or another.

Well, once again my blog has turned into a soap box and I am standing with my voice to the wind. Before I get too preachy I think I better go check on the progress of the construction workers in my front yard to put everything back into perspective. You will notice that in my list of things above that construction began...but hasn't finished...sigh.

Pictures of some of the things I mentioned will be coming soon :)
You can check out my newly assembled website to see picts of the Parade home (Thanks to my friend Scott Gutke for the web design and amazing photos!)

That's it for now.

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