Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Times Tables

Just spent the last week on my version of  the"Times Tables". I mentioned in my last (and first) post about the tables I had to get finished...well, they are done! Why do I call them my Times Tables? Let me 'splain....

Sand 3 times, stain 2 times, seal 5 times while sanding in between coats an additional 5 times... do all of that 4 times= 4 refinished tables.

Now that's my kind of math!! Really it's been a good project for a few reasons. It's only been a little over a month since we moved in to our new house, and while I've tackled the unpacking like a clumsy kid chasing a muddy pig, I'm still not done. One of those area's that wasn't unpacked and functional was the garage, which is going to be lovingly referred to as my workshop or studio depending on the day.  We were able to convert the attic over the garage to a great storage area with the addition of some plywood flooring, lighting, and pull-down stairs. Turned out great and we were able to put a lot of stuff up there. Next was the daunting task of moving "this" there, and "that" over there, and throwing away "whatever that is" to make sense of what was left in the garage. I can proudly say that I can get to (and actually open) both freezers in the garage now! Next was the realization that all of our semi-organized items stowed on the shelves around the perimeter of the garage would soon be covered with sawdust from the sanding that needed to take place in the garage. This brought us to our next project. With a cable suspended from the ceiling we now have a beautiful blue tarp backdrop that pulls to hide the shelves and all of our garage "decor". I think it's gonna need a little tweaking, but it is functional for now. Finally, the garage was ready for work!  I got to the sanding and sure enough there was a nice layer of sawdust blanketing the whole garage by the time all 4 tables were done. With the temps in the teens, I was so happy that my hubby found me a propane heater that warmed up the whole garage nicely at a pawn shop last week.

So with the sanding complete, the floors swept and the tarps drawn like a kings palace on a summers day I was ready to start the fun part, the actual refinishing. Unfortunately and fortunately at the same time this meant another project. With the temps so cold, and the propane tank empty I decided that the best place to finish the tables would be inside the house, in my soon-to-be office. The challenge with that was the fact that getting around in the office was a bit like walking through a corn field in the fall. The boxes were stacked and almost filled the room. Getting all the boxes of office supplies, scrapbook supplies, art supplies and other unclaimed "supplies" moved to the downstairs storage now free's up the office so that after my table job is finished, I can finish the renovation we started before moving in. I'll save that explanation for another day. The point is, the room was ready the tables got their needed attention and I was able to deliver them to the happy client today. The tables go in different units in a lodge in Park City. Can't complain about the 1.5 hr drive to deliver, one of the most beautiful canyons you could ever see!Pict's of the commute are below the pics of the tables.

The biggest table, a small dining table had lots of wear....
All moved into the unfinished office..the fun is just begun!

                                       All sanded and ready for stain. Such pretty wood!

                                        Dining table all done and in the lodge, Yay!

                       The lake seemed a little too thawed for ice fishermen, didn't seem to stop them at all...
                                              Love the view!

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