Thursday, January 13, 2011

And so I'll begin where every story the middle!

Here I sit, just me and my "running for the moment" computer. The cursor seems impatient for me to type something worth reading. With the sounds of my two cats scampering about and tackling each other breaking the pattern of the clicks of the keyboard this is sure to be a few of the most thought provoking moments of my day...

My first blog. I guess I should give you a quick snapshot of who I am. First, my name is April James. The first question I am usually asked is "Were you born in April?" To answer that, NO. My mom just liked the name. I am a 38 year old mother, wife, homemaker and self-employed artisan.
Within the past 3 years I have:
~Struggled with a failing marriage of 15 years
~Divorced and found myself needing to support my 5 wonderful daughters alone
~Started my own buisness doing Faux finishing and interior decorating
~Lost my house to forclosure
~Found my soul-mate and best friend, Phil
~Relocated to a new city out in the "country"
~Lost over 100 lbs 
~ Remarried and added 2 step-sons to my 5 daughters
~Recently moved into a new home with room after room of  refinishing to do- So excited about that!
~Laughed, cried and questioned
~Prayed and received
~Moved on

I have started this blog mostly to have somewhere for my creative juices to spill out. In it will be no doubt posts about my home and family, but it will mostly be a place for me to share my projects. Between work and play it seems like I am constantly heavily involved in something creative, and usually messy. As it stands I have a house full of "projects" that I'm anxious and excited to undertake. Lucky you get to come along! As the title to this post says, I begin in the middle. Every story truly begins there, because so much has happened to bring us to any new beginning. Anyone who went to the recent Christmas concert with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir heard those words. They have stuck with me, and truly say it how it is.

So there it is, my first blog. The sun is now up, kids are at school and the cats are sleeping in a tangled ball of fur and paws. That is my cue to hit the showers and tackle the tasks of the day: finish the 4 tables in my cold garage! Stay tuned for pics and progress....


  1. You're off to a good start. Good luck. ~Susan

  2. Wow! Now I know where Jessica gets it. Awesome job and I'm looking forward to keeping in touch with the goings on in April world.

  3. Love this April. You are quite an inspiration! I'm going to have to add some of your artwork to my home... seriously!