Monday, November 21, 2011

Waiting in line.....

Do you ever feel like you are living in some kind of time warp? Does it sometimes feel like the stars are still and everything is in sloooowwww motion? Like when you are waiting in line at Disneyland in the scorching sun and there is a small child who is screaming about the potty and his batman underwear. Sometimes it seems that the one thing you are waiting for can't come soon enough, and sometimes it seems that it will be sooo long before it happens! On the other hand, in this time warp, things fly by so fast that you hardly remember what happened last week because of the multitude of events since then. At the same time that everything is moving in slow motion life is whizzing by like a
Jack Russell Terrier in the morning.

Well, that has been my life for the past few months. Remember the barn? Refer to my earlier post of the before pictures. Here is where we are as of a few days ago...

Love fresh lumber and straight lines! progressssssss :)

My Studio area. New floors that will not give way under my feet is a plus!

Windows and, yes, a potty for my future bathroom! Got them all at the
Habitat for Humanity Re-Store! LOVE that place! 
Studio area, plumbed for my Utility sink and washer/dryer to clean all those messy rags! :)
Where the potty will sit :O
We got Plumbing!!!!
This is an old gas tank that was in all the "stuff" piled high in here when we cleaned it out.
We are going to modify it and turn it into my utility sink! Gonna be sooo cool!
Possibly a confusing picture, but I like it! I'm so happy I get to keep the inside of the roof the way it is, with just a few new boards for added support. This just makes my heart go pitter-pat!
Not a bad view out the front!
Who's gonna clean up this mess!!! My backyard is a construction zone!

So while I'd love to be posting pictures of all of the wonderful pieces of furniture I have in storage waiting to be loved on a little I will have to be content with pictures of my dream in the making. I talked at the start of this post about waiting in line at Disneyland. I'm tellin' ya, I CAN"T wait to get on this ride!!!
I wanna ride! I wanna ride! I wanna ride!

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