Thursday, November 10, 2011

Deck the halls?

It seems like every year the tension about pre-holiday hype gets bigger and bigger. I have to say I'm one of the ones that is quite bugged by Christmas stuff in the stores the day after Halloween-or even before Halloween in some stores. The retail market pushing the Christmas "shopping season" earlier and earlier is just ridiculous to me and is obviously driven by sales. But separate from the shopping part of the holidays, how soon do you decorate at home for Christmas? My daughter and I were talking about this last night and she said she feels like Thanksgiving and Christmas go hand in hand and that Thanksgiving is the start of the Christmas season for her. So, for her, having Christmas decorations up for Thanksgiving seems to just fit. I think I agree. Part of it, for me, is just that I love the feeling that Christmas brings and don't want to only have it around for a couple of weeks. But by the time New Years rolls around, I'm ready to de-clutter the Christmas stuff and start clean for the new year. SO when do you decorate for Christmas?

One other item I like to get opinions on is particular to my job as a decorator. I have decorated professionally for about 10 years now and have heard a lot of opinions on the subject. Some people LOVE the idea of having me come in and decorate their home or office for the holidays, to them that is just one thing on their list they would rather not have to worry about. They love the decor, but not having to do it. Others are just amazed that anyone would want someone else to decorate for them. Part of their Christmas traditions are trimming the tree together, or just enjoying unboxing and unpacking their heirloom family ornaments one at a time and remembering. Yet another category is those who would like to have someone do it for them, who don't have a particular attachment to their decorations, but think it would be too much money to hire someone to help. After all, it's the gift buying season, a lot of us don't have the extra cash to put towards the decor. Which are you?

Well, I have been asked to share some photo's of some of my trees. After donating trees to the Primary Children's Medical Center Festival of Trees for 8 years and multiple offices, restaurants, and Retirement homes I have built up quite a collection of photos! Maybe this will help you get in the Holiday Spirit?

That should do it! There is much more, but I think that'll be plenty to give you a dose of Christmas punch! As my Holiday decorating season begins, I have to say that I agree with my daughter. For me, Christmas is not about the commercialization ( is that a word?) but about my Savior. Thanksgiving is about being grateful and thankful for the blessings we enjoy each day. I would not want to live without the blessings my Savior brings to me daily and am more grateful each year for his constant care and guidance. I have no problem having my tree up for Thanksgiving because He the meaning behind Christmas for me and that is the blessing I am most thankful for.
Let the Season Begin!!

P.S. I would not be a good business woman if I didn't put a small plug in here...If you would like some help with your holiday decorating, let me know! It's much more affordable than you might think :)

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