Monday, February 7, 2011

Superbowl Fanatic!!!

Where did last week go!? With a house full of teenagers and a cute husband I love spending time with it seems like some weeks go by before I really know it's started! I decided long ago when I began life as a mother that I would never wish to be in a different stage of life and that I would love where I am, I am so glad I made that shift back then!

While there are definitely ups and downs with each stage of life and raising a family, because I choose to see them, there are so many moments that truly bring me to my knees in gratitude for being the mother of such amazing kids. Strangely, those moments are sometimes all wrapped up in an deceiving package of trial and discouragement. The end result is a deeper love and respect for my role in their lives, or what seems to be a "lack of a role" sometimes...

 Can I talk about the Super Bowl for a minuet? Just a little rant, I promise. I'm sure you are expecting for me to talk about the Steelers or the Packers, the commercials or the officials. Nope. I'm once again seeing a parallel in my life to the Superbowl, and once again it has to do with my kids. Maybe what I am going to explain is why I love being a mom, and maybe it is the thing that also makes it so hard. Being a mother, or a parent is never the same from day to day. One day I am the head coach, making the calls, screaming on the sidelines for this and that and losing it when things do go as planned. Other days I am definitely wearing the striped shirt of judgement, calling foul here and throwing flags there. In any moment of any day I am a face painting fan jumping up and down and making a fool of myself because of my overwhelming need to show my enthusiasm for my "team". I am always the half time show coordinator, making sure everyone is who should be is performing and the rest are well entertained. Every once in a while I am the MVP, making the perfect catch and running 50 yards to a picture perfect touch down after clearing defenders at every turn. I guess when all is said and done, when the game is over and I've finished cleaning the stands and spraying down the bathrooms, I will be tired, and ready for the game to be over, but for now I'm just glad to have a chance to be a participant in any way that may be. I get up, and take on whatever roll is thrown at me, and luckily, no matter what size I am, the cheerleading outfit always fits!

Okay, I'm done with my analogy for the day. On to some projects!!

Last week was busy with a few projects started and a couple finished. Had fun making some samples for a client who loves carrera marble, but wants a little more "bling".  I did two versions of carrera, one with a little color added in, soft blue and green. The grey is actually silver powder that catches the light when viewed from the side, looks pretty cool I think :) The other is simple but fits the client's wish list. White and grey with a whole lot of mica flakes to bring the bling, along with some finely ground mirror chips that sparkle when hit with the lights. Doesn't show up too well in the pictures, but doesn't look too bad in person! I'll be meeting with the client this week, hope she likes them! I made them a bit bigger than I usually do for samples, I'm thinking they would make great tables, just need to find the perfect base....

 Silver, blue and green, don't have a name for this finish yet :)

 Simple grey and white marble finish with finely ground mirror flakes and mica flakes...
 Similar finish done on a Table I picked up for $30 and refinished, it was the traffic-stopper
at the fall Home show.. no one could believe it was not "real" stone
 Below is a kitchen I recently did with another subtle white finish

Well, I'm off and running for the day. Hopefully in another day I can post pictures of the dragons I'm in the middle of painting, and the mirrors I'm almost done antiquing. Till then....GO TEAM!!

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